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Executive Language Coaching

Make your mistakes in a foreign language with us, not with your clients!

Executive Language Coaching© offers an innovative and dynamic approach to learning foreign languages based on real business situations.

  • Make progress on your professional projects while learning a foreign language!
  • Learn skills in the morning that you can use in the afternoon!
  • Important presentation in English next week? Practice it while being filmed! Perfect that presentation and close the deal!

Executive Language Coaching© enables professionals to improve their effectiveness for a specific professional objective. By working on communication skills in real-life business situations, the participants aquire the expertise needed to excel in their jobs.

  • To ensure your messages have an impact equal to that which they would in your native tongue.
  • To prepare quickly for specific job assignments in an international environment.
  • To develop language skills in real-life situations.
  • To quickly reach the level of proficiency required in a foreign language.
  • To overcome cultural differences.

Languages Offered: